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Hotels in Burgas

We suggest you to book accommodation in Burgas. From the port of Burgas we will go by boat to the island on August 27 and then return at night. Therefore, it is best to book a hotel in the city center near the port. We’ve picked out the best hotels in Burgas for your stay by the Black Sea. Please book early because August is still high season and hotels are usually booked out quickly.

DAS Marina Burgas Hotel

Marina Burgas is strategically located in the heart of Burgas, next to the city center, the port and the main train and bus stations.

This 84-room, 3-star hotel has a restaurant along with conveniences like free in-room WiFi.

Primoretz Grand
Hotel & Spa

This hotel has welcomed Burgas beach vacationers since 1959. The property is located on the southern edge of the Sea Garden, the city park that runs along the Black Sea coast. The Hotel offers a privat beach, spa and an outdoor pool. 

Hotel Bulgaria Burgas

Hotel Bulgaria Burgas is a 4 star business hotel located in the center of Burgas. The hotel is the fourth-tallest building in the city and was built during the Communist regime as part of a state monopoly. After being renovated in 2020, it is now boasting a sleek, modern interior. 


No13 Boutique Hotel 

This boutique hotel has only five rooms, each designed by a local artist, with details like original paintings and a diamond-encircled mirror. No13 enjoys a privileged location in the old part of Burgas, just footsteps away from the main walking streets of the city.

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